Not Your Usual Park

riverintownsnowI know it may seem a strange time of year to post winter pictures, but I was in the process of migrating posts from my online gallery to this blog, and ran across these mementos.

Most of the time when you think “park” you think green, freshly-cut grass, brightly-colored play structures and maybe picnic tables and benches.  Where I’m currently living, “park” has a whole different meaning.

And, I can’t always get out of town to go shooting.  Though my best times with the dogs are spent hiking through canyons, mountain meadows, and wading in and through creeks and streams, sometimes we have to make do with the park.  Lucky for us the local park is no ordinary affair.  There are trails, ponds, stands of aspen and lots of animal burrows and bird nests in the taller trees.


It’s been fun to watch the area change with the seasons.  Especially the river flow, seeing ice freeze and thaw over and again, and the animals that live around the ice and water.


This is a popular stretch of the river for us.  We’ve spent a lot of hours here.


It’s also the place I first saw the American Dipper (more on this critter to come).


How do you Measure the quality of time spent in a place? I know when I look back on my time here, these images will remind me of the quality of life (however chilly!) this winter brought to me.

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